Shotcrete Machines

With an extensive fleet of machines and experienced operators, Asia Pacific Engineering Services is the leading rental solutions provider in the region.
Atlantic RSA 500 Shotcrete Spraying System

The ATLANTIC RSA 500 Shotcrete Spraying System is the ideal choice for mechanised shotcrete works. It has proven to be versatile, efficient and reliable on projects across the world. Its fast, sturdy and precise spray arm has a vertical reach of 17 m, while the concrete pump offers a flowrate of 30 m3/hr. The equipment comes with an onboard air compressor, all mounted on a rugged, articulated, 4-wheel drive off-road vehicle.

The ATLANTIC RSA 500 has a compact design and small turning radius, making it the contractor’s favourite for spraying pre-mixed wet shotcrete, polypropylene fibre concrete and steel fibre concrete while working in caverns, mines, slopes and tunnels.

Product Features

  1. Suitable for medium and large section tunnels and slopes with a vertical spraying reach of 17 m.
  2. Rigid chassis with heavy duty off-road axles for toughest conditions on any jobsite.
  3. 4-Wheel drive and 4-Wheel Steering with Crab Mode for easy maneuverability on site.
  4. Onboard Air Compressor for fully automated machine operation.
  5. Built-in dosing system, suitable for all liquid additives with automatic synchronization between concrete pump and dosing unit.
  6. Bi-directional travel, with 180° swivel for the operator’s seat and steering wheel to face either direction of travel.
  7. Built-in High Pressure Water Pump for easy cleaning of the equipment.
Putzmeister P-13 Diesel Engine Driven Piston Pump

The Putzmeister P 13 is a diesel engine driven piston pump, known for its excellent reliability, robust construction, durability and performance.

The Putzmeister P 13 is a mixing, pumping and spraying machine in one with mixer, pump and compressor.

It’s driven by a 2 cylinder Kubota Engine with 12.5 kW power and has a built-in air compressor.

With a maximum output of 80 l/min at 40 bar maximum pressure, the Putzmeister P 13 has a pumping distance of 100 m and 300 m horizontal and 100 m high.

  1. Spraying of site mixes mortar.
  2. Spraying cement mortar.
  3. Cementitious fireproofing.
  4. Mortar injection.
  5. Shotcreting.
  6. Grouting works.
  7. Plastering.
  8. Interior and external rendering.
Blastcrete Squeeze Pump RD6536

The Blastcrete Model RD6536 Pump is our concrete pump with variable speed from 0-25 cubic yards per hour. This pump is designed to pump up to 3/4 inch aggregate concrete, concrete block fill (grout), shotcrete, floor leveling cement, mud jacking, and cellular concrete. The machine is powered by a 29 HP Kubota water cooled diesel and is equipped with our 1000 lb. capacity receiving hopper with hydraulic agitator. The unit is mounted on a single axle high speed towing trailer with electric brakes and electric braking lights.

  1. Shotcrete
  2. Concrete Transfer
  3. Screeding
  4. Cellular Concrete
  5. Faux Rock Construction
  6. Foam Concrete
  7. Forms
  8. Slabs
  9. Block Fill
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