Asia Pacific Engineering Services is a preeminent engineering and contracting organization. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of civil construction and this, combined with our extensive knowledge of the Asian market, has established us as a major player in the region.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence invariably results in a successfully completed project. We understand and promote the idea of working as a true partner with our clients to meet their goals.

We understand that working with our partners is not just about delivering quality service on time and in excellent condition; but also partnering with our customers and working closely to deliver the right solution for the project.


We have an unparalleled commitment to Contractors in the mining sector. Our business is focused on serving surface and underground mining operations with superior quality services that achieve the lowest cost per unit, over the life cycle.

Contract mining is becoming increasingly prevalent as mine operators look to enhance productivity and improve efficiency. It involves the mine owner engaging the services of a specialist mining contractor to undertake contractual work or supply equipment to execute such critical mine related work.


Asia Pacific Engineering Services has experience whilst operating in the industrial sector, including the sub-sectors of:

  • Oil and Gas (Drilling, Extraction, Pipelining, Refining)
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Petrochemical

Time and again Asia Pacific Engineering Services has proven its reliability, where plant shut downs and critical downtime have been addressed by quick and prompt deliveries executed within the stipulated time frame.

Asia Pacific Engineering Services is backed with the strong leadership of a highly experienced and successful management team for its operating businesses worldwide. Contact us to explore how we can work together to achieve your goals.