Engineering Equipment Division

With an extensive fleet of machines and experienced operators, Asia Pacific Engineering Services is the leading rental solutions provider in the region.
Cornell 10 NHTB

Cornell offers the widest range of pump sizes and capacities in the industry.

No matter what your requirements are, Cornell can provide you with a package that will fill your needs – Clear Liquid pumps up to 10”, Solids Handling pumps up to 30” and Slurry pumps up to 4”.

Cornell 10NHTB have discharge size of 10”.
It have the max capacity of 8000, max solid size is 4.75”, Max head 195'.
It have the max suction of 25' and rpm of 1200.

Putzmeister Mixokret 760 Diesel Engine driven Sand Transfer / Floor Screed Pump

The Mixokret M 740 and M 760 are all-rounders when it comes to handling materials as they can handle sand, screed, gravel and fine concrete.

These pneumatic conveyors are ideal for mixing and pumping sand and floor screed with a grain size up to 8 mm.

The M 740 has a 3 cylinder Deutz diesel engine which supplies 31.5 kW power, gives an output of 4.3 m3/min and has a maximum distance of 180 m horizontal or 30 m high.

The M 760 has a 4 cylinder Deutz diesel engine which supplies 46 kW power, gives an output of 5 m3/min and has a maximum distance of 200 m horizontal or 50 m high.

  1. Conveying dry sand.
  2. Mixing and conveying self-leveling floor screed.
  3. Mixing and pumping fine grained concrete with a grain size of up to 16 mm.
Putzmeister MP-25 Electric Spray Plaster Machine

The Putzmeister MP 25 plaster machine is highly mobile and easy to dismantle and fix.

Suitable for all pumpable ready mixed dry mortars, bag material or material from silo.

Electric motor 5.5 kW, 400 V 50 Hz /60 Hz.

Maximum output 25 l/min at 30 bar maximum pressure.

The Putzmeister MP 25 spray plaster machine offers a pumping distance of 40 m horizontal or 15 m high.

  1. Gypsum plastering.
  2. Insulating plaster.
  3. Cementitious plastering.
  4. Lime-cement plastering.
  5. Gypsum-lime plastering.
Putzmeister P-13 Diesel Engine Driven Piston Pump

The Putzmeister P 13 is a diesel engine driven piston pump, known for its excellent reliability, robust construction, durability and performance.

The Putzmeister P 13 is a mixing, pumping and spraying machine in one with mixer, pump and compressor.

It’s driven by a 2 cylinder Kubota Engine with 12.5 kW power and has a built-in air compressor.

With a maximum output of 80 l/min at 40 bar maximum pressure, the Putzmeister P 13 has a pumping distance of 100 m and 300 m horizontal and 100 m high.

  1. Spraying of site mixes mortar.
  2. Spraying cement mortar.
  3. Cementitious fireproofing.
  4. Mortar injection.
  5. Shotcreting.
  6. Grouting works.
  7. Plastering.
  8. Interior and external rendering.
Blastcrete Genuine Piccola AA 020

The Blastcrete Genuine Piccola Gunning Machine is our simple solution for gunning applications from 0-6 tons per hour. The 16 AM air motor or 5 HP electric motor drives our heavy duty gearbox, which rotates the rotor section. The unit offers precise material output control and is the most economical gunning machine on the market to purchase, operate, and maintain.

  1. Concrete repairs
  2. Urban regeneration
  3. Rock and Slope stabilization
  4. Sprayed concrete lining.
  5. Marine structures
Blastcrete Squeeze Pump RD6536

The Blastcrete Model RD6536 Pump is our concrete pump with variable speed from 0-25 cubic yards per hour. This pump is designed to pump up to 3/4 inch aggregate concrete, concrete block fill (grout), shotcrete, floor leveling cement, mud jacking, and cellular concrete. The machine is powered by a 29 HP Kubota water cooled diesel and is equipped with our 1000 lb. capacity receiving hopper with hydraulic agitator. The unit is mounted on a single axle high speed towing trailer with electric brakes and electric braking lights.

  1. Shotcrete
  2. Concrete Transfer
  3. Screeding
  4. Cellular Concrete
  5. Faux Rock Construction
  6. Foam Concrete
  7. Forms
  8. Slabs
  9. Block Fill
Reversible Concrete Mixer

The only Reversible mixer approved by A.R.A.I. comes with Digital Load Cell System Based Three Bin Hydraulic Hoppers with Vibrator Assembly, Auto Water Feeding System along with Centralized Lubrication System. The mixing drum and mixing blades are made up of anti-wear high-grade steel with high abrasive resistance, this result in better life of mixing drum. Machine is provided with facility of automatic digitally control water dispenser. This ensures accurate water quantity to mixer drum with uniform consistence & good quantity concrete. Besides, machine is provided with mechanically water feeding system in case of failure of auto water system.

The ease of operation and variety of features available make this a one of a kind concrete mixer.

Technical Specifications:

  • Batch Capacity: 450 - 1000 litres.
  • Machine Output: 9 - 22 m3/ hr.
  • Power: 10 - 25 HP Electrical /Motor.
  • Water Tank Capacity: 170 - 275 litres.
  • Weight: 2150 - 2950 kg.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 375 x 225 x 285 cm - 530 x 230 x 358.5 cm.
Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixers (Cement mixer) are used for the production of concrete using a revolving drum to mix the ingredients comprising of cement, water and aggregate (sand and/or gravel).

For light commercial works, such as residential renovation, concrete repair or small-scale construction projects, portable mixers are used to produce concrete or grout, at the construction site.

This saves cost and time in transporting and placing the concrete, before it hardens.

Concrete mixers are categorized based on the following criteria:

  1. Mixing capacity: 250 liters, 355 liters, etc.
  2. Power source: Electric motor or Petrol/Diesel engine driven.
  3. Loading mechanism: Tilting drum, mixing drum
  4. Chassis: 2 wheeled or 4 wheeled.
Cement, sand and other aggregates are loaded in a hydraulically operated hopper and then poured in the mixing drum for final mixing and can be unloaded by tilting the drum. While in Hand Feed Concrete Mixers, cement, sand and other aggregates are directly added to the mixing drum manually

Atlantic Concrete Distributor

Atlantic Concrete Distributor The Concrete Placement Boom is practical and economical solution for the distribution of pumped concrete, making it possible to cast easily in those points that cannot be directly reached with the concrete pump and avoids the movement of the pump on the site.

The DRV type is a dual unit, for horizontal and vertical application, it has unique feature of being able to lift or lower the second arm by the operation of a hydraulic hand pump, makes it easier to place the concrete in walls, columns and floor slabs, at different levels.

Radius Reach:12 m
Concrete Area:450 m2
Hose Length:3 m
Putzmeister Stationary Concrete Pump

Reliable all-round concrete pump with diesel engine drive for medium sized job-sites, with it new controls made easy to use and maintain.

  • Robust and easy to clean glass-fibre reinforced hood
  • Less hydraulic oil necessary
  • Optimized new hopper form for easier cleaning and easier replacement of components
  • Fuel-economic automatic speed drawdown on pump stop
  • Complete Overview of all operating data on the Ergonic graphic display
  • Reliable fault management system
  • High-quality wear resistant components for service-life
  • Reduced noise emission with closed doors. Emission values certified for TIER2 standards.
  • CE-conform
  • Ample space for service and repair work through large swing doors and protection of the machine operator from rain and sun
Max Output:71 m3/hr
Max Pressure:106 bar
Engine Power:115 kW
Schwing Stationary Concrete Pump

Schwing SP1800 offers vertical and horizontal concrete pumping, with solutions for high delivery with low concrete pressure or low delivery with high concrete pressure ensuring high efficiency in both cases. All Schwing concrete pumps have an output governed hydraulic pump that ensures the prime mover is never overloaded. The automatic governor splits available engine output into oil flow and oil pressure and allows the pump to run always at the optimum level.

Max Output:73 m3/hr
Max Pressure:108 bar
Engine Power:110 kW

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