Refractory Machines

With an extensive fleet of machines and experienced operators, Asia Pacific Engineering Services is the leading rental solutions provider in the region.
Blastcrete Genuine Piccola AA 020

The Blastcrete Genuine Piccola Gunning Machine is our simple solution for gunning applications from 0-6 tons per hour. The 16 AM air motor or 5 HP electric motor drives our heavy duty gearbox, which rotates the rotor section. The unit offers precise material output control and is the most economical gunning machine on the market to purchase, operate, and maintain.

  1. Concrete repairs
  2. Urban regeneration
  3. Rock and Slope stabilization
  4. Sprayed concrete lining.
  5. Marine structures
Blastcrete HRG 020

HRG-020 is a Hydrostatic Rotary Gunite machine which has become the industry standard for refractory gunning applications since its inception in 1987. The unit is equipped with the simple single point Piccola clamping system, manual ON/OFF hydraulic control, and hydrostatic variable rotor speed control. The Blastcrete Hydrostatic Rotary Gun can be powered with an electric motor, air motor, gasoline, or diesel engine. This machine is the smoothest rotary gun within the refractory gunning arena.
Output 0-6 yard3 / hour
Maximum Aggregate - 3/4"

  1. soil stabilization
  2. pools concreter repairs
  3. refractories
  4. insulated panel
  5. Structural concrete
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